Press release
33rd Convention of the FTQ

24 January 2023

The delegates of the SEU 800 were proud to have attended the 33rd Convention of the FTQ. With the theme ”The FTQ in the forefront – the future of unionism,” this convention was an opportunity to reflect (think about and) on and prepare for the future of the trade union movement.

The 1200 delegates present also discussed the orientations of the FTQ on various social issues such as telework, retirement, drug insurance, public services, minimum wage, social housing, labour laws, health and safety, first nations, human rights, feminist actions, education, environment and many others.

Cristina Cabral, President of the SEU 800 (spoke out for) took the floor during the resolutions presented concerning the collective agreement decrees and francization.

We also witnessed a memorable moment in the history of the FTQ. That of the election of the first woman and the first Aboriginal woman to head the FTQ. Congratulations Magali!