Why Unionize?

When I am unionized, I can work with my colleagues on improving our work environment.

When I am unionized, I can negotiate better working conditions: salary, working hours, collective insurance, pension plan, vacations, etc, etc. I benefit from all of these advantages and all of my family members benefit from them as well.

When I am unionized, I can offer my opinion at work without fear of any reprisals.

When I am unionized, I can stand up against injustices; I have rights as a worker and I have the means to have them defended.

What You Must Do

Contact a recruiter from the SEU 800. It’s that simple !

Contact us

  1. Have as much information as possible: the names, addresses, telephone numbers and functions of other employees, the departments of the company, the opinions of some of your work colleagues with regards to the union, the main problems present within the company, the name of the foremen and other management personnel. It’s not necessary to have all of the information above, but take note of it if you can.
  2. Contact a recruiter from the SEU 800. This person will determine based on their experience, your opinion and your information, the best way to obtain the majority of the workers to join the union.
  3. The recruiter of the SEU 800 will set in place the means to have the union membership cards signed by the workers within the company. Please note that the signature of these cards is strictly confidential and that the Law prohibits revealing the names of those people who signed a membership card.
  4. The union then deposits with the Minister of Labour a request for accreditation to obtain the right to represent your group of workers. After a brief investigation by the Minister to verify if the union respected the articles of the Law, the union is accredited. It is after that the process to negotiate a first collective agreement begins.
  5. Of course, you must rest assured that if the 20,000 members of the SEU 800, along with the 500,000 other workers affiliated to the QFL are certain of making the right choice to unionize, then it is also the right decision for yourself.
  6. If you are already unionized with the SEU 800, then you probably know someone who is not unionized. Talk to him or her about the SEU 800 and give him our contact information; or better yet, call us yourself and we will take care of contacting the person directly.

Your rights

Right to Associate

The right to associate is recognized within the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights as well as by the Quebec Charter of Freedoms and Rights. They protect the right of all employees to belong to an association of employees of their choice, and to participate in the formation, activities and management of said association (art. 3 of the Quebec Labour Code).

The Quebec Labour Code prohibits any recourse by way of intimidation or threats to induce anyone to become, refrain from becoming or cease to be a member of an association of employees. (art. 13)
In a period of union organization, the gestures and remarks by the employer will be described as part of their foreseeable normal operations with regards to the employees. For example: an employer cannot falsely threaten to close down his company, nor announce a modification to the working conditions of the employees, this behaviour will be considered as a threat or an intimidation and is therefore illegal.

Furthermore, it is prohibited for an employer to block the exercise of a legitimate union activity (such as the signature of a card) no matter what, by the refusal to employ, by intimidation, threat of dismissal or other threat, or by the imposition of a sanction or by discriminatory measure or reprisals. (art. 14)
When a person contravenes article 14 of the Labour Code, they are found guilty of a penal infraction and may be also be exposed to a civil recourse against them (complaint) by the employee concerned by the illegal measure. (art. 15 of the Labour Code). This complaint must be deposited within the 30 days of the measure or sanction taken against the employee. In such a case, our union will ensure the defense of the employee.

As soon as there is demonstration of the exercise of a legitimate union activity, there is presumption that the sanction or the measure which was imposed by the employer for this motive (art. 17); it therefore is up to the employer to prove that there was another cause, that is just and sufficient, to support the sanction or measure that was imposed. If the employer cannot prove otherwise, the sanction is annulled and the employee is reestablished in his rights and fully compensated.

Therefore, you are protected as of the signature Service Employees Union Local 800 membership card.
Furthermore, as of the deposit of the request for accreditation, in accordance to article 59 of the Labour Code, an employer can no longer modify to his liking the working conditions of the employees. (art. 59)
Also to be noted is that the membership of a person to an employees association is confidential and may not be revealed no matter what. (art. 36)

Contact Us

Communicate with the recruiter in the closest office located near your company.


Éric Morin
418 627-8800 ext 410
1-800-565-2800, ext 410
210-5000, boul. des Gradins
Québec QC  G2J 1N3



Become a Recruiting Member

A recruiter program was implemented by the SEU 800 on February 1, 2005. This program aims to recruit new members in order to broaden the union’s range of services without having to increase union dues, to counter the outsourcing of “cheap labor” and to have greater representation in some sectors in order to set standards and protect jobs.

Union action guide

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