Rôtisserie St-Hubert Ltée – Laval establissement

22 December 2022

After several meetings between the employer and the bargaining committee, the parties reached a tentative agreement. This agreement was presented to the members last November during various meetings. The members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the tentative agreement. The bargaining committee successfully negotiated a substantial wage increase for members working in the kitchen and for members who are not paid by tips. The agreement is for three years.

Highlights of the agreement:

Creation of new job titles;

  • Team Leader and Section Leader bonuses
  • Wage increases from 50 cents per hour at hiring to $3.00 per hour after 60 months of service.
  • A beneficial wage scale that includes a minimum wage protection clause
  • A 2.5% annual increase for all employees with 72 months of service or more.

Congratulations to the negotiating committee who worked very hard:

  • M. Guillaume Grenon;
  • M. Jeannot Brunet;
  • Mrs Elisabeth Barbès;
  • Mrs Sophie Bourgeois, Union Representative.