Info COVID-19- Temporary closure of the offices of the UES800

24 March 2020

Following the decision announced by Prime Minister François Legault, UES 800 will close all of its offices and cancel all meetings, from March 25, 2020, until April 13, 2020.

Call management

During this period, in order to maintain service to members, all union representatives and the insurance department and administrative staff will telecommute. You can therefore reach them by email or by leaving a message on their voicemail by dialling the extension number. Call returns will be made as soon as possible.

To find out the extension number or email address of the person you want to reach, you can consult the following link: http://ues800.org/a-propos-de-nous/equipe/

Mail and parcel management

During the office closing period, no letters or parcels can be processed quickly. Please give priority to electronic communications.

For workers with group household maintenance insurance

We would like to inform you that the plan will be maintained during the crisis. However, you must notify us by email in the event of a layoff at the following address: assurance@ues800.org. Please note that insurance premiums must be paid by check to the UES800 during the layoff period. You can reach the insurance department at the following number: 514-385-1717 ext. 399.

Rest assured that the UES 800 is closely monitoring the development of this situation in order to make the best decisions and give the best advice. We will keep you informed of any changes on our different communication platforms.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.