Talks progress with McGill University

11 February 2013

The parties met on January 24 and signed off on the previously discussed grievance and dispute procedure as well as on the letter of understanding related to interest-based bargaining. The parties also exchanged the translated versions of their full set of proposals submitted on the first day of negotiations.

Sharing of information and a clear definition of the employer’s issue pertaining to temporary assignments of less than five days in food and dining services led to fruitful discussions. The parties reached a tentative agreement which was drafted and submitted to the union for a detailed review. It should be ratified at the next meeting, scheduled for February 12.

The employer agreed to provide the union with the electronic versions of ratified texts as discussions progress. The parties have met five times since the presentation of their respective proposals last November; they are scheduled to meet in 12 additional sessions leading up to mid-June.

*The 3 bargaining units in question are: Computing centre, Printing services and Facilities management/residences/Faculty Club, represented by SEU, local 800 (Service Employees Union, local section 800, affiliated with the Quebec Labour Federation.