Agreement with McGill University on changes to grievance and dispute procedure

15 January 2013

At the January 9 bargaining session, the parties discussed ways to facilitate the sharing of information likely to help in resolving grievances during labour relations committee meetings. The bilingual version of this article was provided to the union for detailed validation and for them to confirm their agreement at the next meeting. The employer presented a flow chart of the grievance process to illustrate what was agreed to in the previous meeting. The union will review and comment before the next meeting.

There was an exchange of information and discussions on temporary assignments of less than five days generating employee movement.  The parties agreed that the employer would further validate current practices before pursuing this discussion at a future meeting.

The parties agreed on a letter of understanding to extend the period for interest based bargaining process; this letter will be provided to the union for signature at the next meeting, scheduled for January 24. It was also agreed that before the next meeting, English and French translations of all of proposals would be made available to the negotiation teams.

*The bargaining units are: computing centre, printing services and facilities management/residences/Faculty Club