#A015: Psychological harassment

This course allows the participant to get the necessary information making him able to re- cognize the situations that could lead to psychological harassment and those who constitute real harassment. He will be able to prevent these situations  and  will know the recourses available.  

#A008: Women and health safety at work: myths and union challenges

This course is specifically for women. This course will allow a better understanding of the women’s situation compared to men’s situation. This course also intends  to identify the Union’s challenges, especially in the area of Health and Safety depending on the worker’s gender. The purpose of this course is to equip  the women regarding their […]

#A004: How to get organized in SST

This course provides the participant with an awareness regarding the accident’s prevention in its work place. With this training, the participant will be able to identify a work related accident, to know his rights and the role of the Union towards CNESST the importance of implementing an health and security committee and produce an accident […]