Agreement in principle accepted at Autocar Orléans Express!

8 April 2024

April 3rd, at a special general assembly, the members of the SEU 800 working at Autocar Orléans Express Inc. overwhelmingly accepted the agreement in principle reached with the negotiating committee on March 22nd.

After a year of negotiations totalling 33 meetings, with the help of a conciliator from the Ministry of Labour and a mediator, it was at one minute to midnight of the strike’s start that the parties reached an agreement that made significant progress on wages for members of the SEU800.

Highlights of the agreement:

  • 4-year collective agreement from date of signature;
  • Wage increases retroactive to July 2023 and totalling 22.8% for the duration of the collective agreement;
  • Significant modification of the salary scale, increasing the hiring rate by 13%;
  • Charter rate increased by 27%;
  • Addition of 4 redeemable sick days for a total of 10 sick days;
  • Addition of 3 paid family obligation days (non-cashable);
  • Increase in various bonuses and meal allowances;
  • Improved overtime pay for members on the recall list;
  • Addition of a Mileage Policy;
  • Increased employer contribution to group insurance;
  • Employer payment of $100 annually for the purchase of shoes or boots.

Congratulations to the entire negotiating team and to all our members for their solidarity!