GDI Quebec Region employees’ website gets a makeover!

2 April 2024

Faced with the need to update their base unit’s website, the union officers of the GDI unit in the Quebec City region and their SEU 800 union representative took it upon themselves to give it a makeover. The site has been completely redesigned. The current site went online in 2013 and needed updating. The new site will be more dynamic and easier to navigate. You can take a look at it at the following e-mail address: syndicatgdiregionquebec.ca

This site is intended for GDI employees working in housekeeping in buildings covered by the Quebec Decree.

You can consult the collective agreement, documents relating to insurance, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), occupational health and safety, special activities organized by the base unit and many other interesting documents. It is also possible to complete a Schedule C online and contact the base unit’s union representative or officers.

The site should be up and running by April 15, 2024. We invite unit members to look at it and give us their feedback when the new site is ready.