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QFL reaction to the 50¢ minimum wage increase

1 February 2024

The government is making a mockery of the poor

Montréal, January 31, 2024. – The Quebec Federation of Labor (QFL) simply can’t believe the CAQ government’s decision to announce a 50¢ increase in the minimum wage to $15.75 an hour at a time when food banks are completely overwhelmed by requests for assistance.  

“This government is completely out of touch with reality. Shamelessly, it has voted salary increases of over $30,000 for the year 2023 alone for the entire deputation, subsidized field hockey millionaires to the tune of millions of dollars and is satisfied with decreeing a 50¢ increase in the minimum wage! It’s completely absurd,” says QFL General Secretary Denis Bolduc. 

“One wonders what kind of world this government lives in, when the cost of rent has become unaffordable, inflation is at its highest, the cost of the grocery cart has skyrocketed, and access to basic health care has become an obstacle course. Clearly, this government still hasn’t found its compass,” adds the General Secretary.

“Where is the CAQ’s social project? At $15.75 an hour, I challenge government ministers and deputies to buy groceries, pay their rent, feed their families and take care of their loved ones on such a salary. When you’re living high on the hog, you don’t give a damn about those on the street. The high cost of living comes at a price, and it’s not too late for this government to ensure that the poorest people can at least live in dignity, without having to queue up at food banks,” concludes Denis Bolduc.

The QFL, Quebec’s largest central labour body, represents over 600,000 workers.

Source : QFL

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