Benjanica Management – Rotisserie St-Hubert in Longueuil

22 December 2022

It is with pride that the negotiating committee of the workers of the Rotisserie St-Hubert in Longueuil

has concluded a new five (5)-year work contract. Following two (2) general meetings, the members voted by a large majority in favour of the agreement in principle. The committee’s mandate was to increase the salaries of the non-tipped positions, i.e., kitchen helpers, bar helpers, cashiers and reception positions.

This new collective agreement includes:

  • Addition of an early retirement clause;
  • Free meals for regular employees in the position of kitchen helper during their shift;
  • Reduced mandatory availability for part-time employees during the summer, holiday season and school break;
  • Addition of two vacation calendars (summer and winter);
  • Attractive wage increases include a minimum wage protection clause.

In the next few weeks, the texts of the new agreement will be signed and sent to the members.

Congratulations to the negotiating committee composed of M. Karl Giroux, M. David Bellemare and Mrs. Sophie Bourgeois, Union Representative.