20 May 2022

In a general assembly held on April 29, the workers of the Canmec Industriel Inc., unionized with SEU 800 accepted with a strong majority the agreement in principle intervened with the employer.

This three-year collective agreement contains among other things, competitive salaries and better working conditions for the hundred members of this unit.

“I am proud of the solidarity of the members and the hard work of the negotiation team which made possible to negotiate a very good agreement. This agreement ensures that Canmec Industriel Inc. will stay ahead of the regional competition in terms of salary conditions” said Adam Minier, union representative.

The principal gains:

  • Increase of union liberation hours
  • The employer commits to evaluate the possibilities of work sharing agreement according to government programs, if there are lay-offs.
  • New criterias for the pre-retirement schedule. The minimal age is now 58 years old. The worker can subtract 1 or 2 working days.
  • New way to assign overtime so more workers have access to it.
  • The employer can recognize up to 3 weeks of vacation, according to his or her experience.
  • Increase of the night premium from 0,65$ to $1,25 for the 3 years and less. And from $1,35 to $1,75 for the ones with over 3 years seniority.
  • All mobile days can be fractioned in half days.
  • Increase in the employer’s contribution of 50% for the collective insurance premium.
  • In terms of the salary’s annex, removal of the first 5 scales because they were too low.
  • Addition of a new scale in 2022 and a 2nd one in 2024.
  • Increase of 4% in 2022, 3,5% in 2023 and 3,5% in 2024. Bonus of $500 for all worker at signature.

In the next weeks, the parties will meet to sign the text of the new collective agreement. As soon as possible, a copy will be transmitted to the members.

Congratulations to all Canmec Industriel Inc. members for this wonderful solidarity!