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21 April 2022

The FTQ launches a web series on psychosocial risks at work.

“Ça va mal à shop” (It’s bad at work): When work makes you sick.

Montreal, April 21, 2022. – The FTQ today announces the release of a web series on psychosocial risks at work. All eight episodes of the “Ça va mal à’ shop(It’s bad at work) the series address concrete issues through workers’ testimonies and suggest solutions to solve the problems at the source. The FTQ hopes that this project will encourage workplaces to undertake uninhibited discussions on the subject of mental health in the workplace.

“We often hear that work is health! In fact, for many, it is the opposite. Every week in Canada, more than 500,000 workers are absent from work due to mental illness. It’s not nothing.

Unfortunately, the subject is not discussed enough at work. Of course, we are exposed to various awareness campaign on mental health and advice from the so-called caring employers who encourage you to have good life habits such as healthy eating, to get involved in sports, etc. But what about when work itself makes you sick? When the demands are unattainable, when the environment is toxic?” declares the FTQ president, Daniel Boyer.

“This web series aims to demystify psychosocial risks at work and above all to remove the weight of individual responsibility off the worker’s shoulders who are experiencing distress. It is easy to think that it only takes one walk a day to be indifferent to a toxic or oppressive job! To review completely the work organization of these environments is what it takes, and that is what we want to initiate with this series. It is not normal to suffer at work and we must remember that.” adds Daniel Boyer.

In addition to the episodes, it is a whole web universe with a survey to assess exposure to psychosocial risks in the environments, as well as tools that are offered on the series’ platform. The FTQ is also taking advantage of the coming into force of the interim health and safety plan to remind employers that it is their responsibility to eliminate psychosocial risks in the workplace and that workers must participate in the process.


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