Public sector: CSN, CSQ, FTQ, FIQ et FIQP agree on the Protocol of Solidarity

6 April 2022

The CSN, CSQ, FTQ, FIQ and FIQP ratified this week a non-raiding protocol in anticipation of the change of union allegiance period scheduled for next July. This agreement reflects the will of the signatory parties to the protocol to concentrate their efforts in preparing for the next national negotiation of the public sector collective agreements, whose works should start this fall.

This non-raiding protocol will apply to all union organizations who signed the protocol and their affiliates. They agreed upon not soliciting members from another organization and to not support any local initiative aiming in such direction.

The pandemic revealed the vital contribution of workers in the maintenance of public services, as it has exacerbated the deterioration of their working conditions with the imposition of ministerial decrees. This union solidarity will give every organization the necessary leeway to tackle it.

Every union organization, in accordance with their democratic structures, will take their decisions concerning the next national negotiation. The public sector collective agreements will expire on March 31st, 2023.