Public sector negotiation – Car Rally

25 February 2021

The SEU Local 800 is standing for you, standing with you, standing to say thank you!

SEU Local 800 organized a car rally in order to say thank you to its workers who work in the education sector for English School Boards.

February 19th, 2021, Raymond Larcher President of SEU Local-800, Jacqueline Anciaes Union Representative in the public sector, Tony Orsini and Pierre-Paul Binet negotiators at the sectorial table took part in a car rally to thank the workers who work in health and education establishments.  We also whish to underline the participation of many activists during this activity.  This rally took place in collaboration with the other unions of the FTQ representing members in health and education: SCFP, SEPB and SQEES-298. The SEU-800 was able to visit over fifteen establishments unionized with us in several regions of Quebec.

The goal of this car rally was to offer a day of recognition to our members to say a BIG THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being present every day at work and offer the best of yourself, THANK YOU for your resilience given the daily changes with the new sanitary measures issued by the government.  We are really proud to represent you. 

Since fall of 2019, the public sector negotiating team in collaboration with the FTQ negotiating committee have been working very hard to reach an agreement with the Government.  At this point, negotiations at the Central Table with the Treasury Board have stalled. Nothing is happening! This situation is totally unacceptable. Your collective agreement expired on March 21st, 2020. What are we waiting for to conclude a new collective agreement? You have the right to benefit from a negotiated collective agreement which will cover matters such as your working conditions, your salary, your premiums, your medical insurance premiums and your pension fund. Know that the negotiating team at SEU Local 800 will continue to stand by your side both at the Sectorial Table and at the Central Table.

In the coming weeks, the SEU Local 800 in collaboration with the other public sector unions affiliated to the FTQ will step up the pressure tactics, in order to force the government to return to the negotiating tables.  The mobilizations will have to be heard all the way to the National Assembly. We are counting on your collaboration and THANKS, THANKS again.

The SEU Local 800 is standing for you, standing with you, standing to say thank you!