En route to $ 15

30 January 2017

Villa St-Joseph recognizes the importance of the role of the PAB by a better remuneration.

Villa St-Joseph is a senior’s residence located in Saint-Hyacinthe whose employees are members of the UES 800. Recently, the employer has agreed to tackle an inequity, that of the remuneration of the minimum-15-logoattendants to the beneficiaries. All will understand that the work of the beneficiaries has been subject to profound changes and that is why we think that the salaries do not reflect the importance of their role in the delivery of care.

Our finding was recognized by the employer and for this reason, as part of the salary review provided in the collective agreement, Villa St-Joseph will pay a recognition premium on base salary to all PAB with effect from February, 1st This recognition premium represents a salary increase of up to 21%.