QFL Congress

7 December 2016

QFL Congress – 2016

The SEU 800 was proudly represented by approx. 50 delegates at the QFL congress held from November, 28th until December, 2nd.

During the congress, some 120 resolutions on current subjects were debated by the delegates. The discussed topics were amongst: the importance of political action, climate change, the fight against social inequality, the right to work in French, the minimum wage at $ 15, and the situation of autochthone women.

Several delegates from the SEU local 800 made very interesting interventions, particularly on the importance of francization in the workplace and on the “Minimum $ 15” campaign, which affects many of our members.

At this congress, Daniel Boyer and Serge Cadieux were re-elected respectively to the position of President and Secretary General of the FTQ.

“The mandate entrusted to us by the delegates at this 31st Congress is loaded and we intend to deliver the goods. Significant struggles await us, particularly in the fight against poverty and the Couillard government’s austerity policies. In this regard, the mandate given by the delegates is clear: to throw out the Liberal government in the upcoming elections in 2018, “concluded FTQ President Daniel Boyer.


QFL Congress – 2016