Press release
Signing of the collective agreements at McGill university

16 November 2016

November 8th, your union representatives and McGill University representatives met and signed the new collective agreement, resulting from 5 years of negotiation. Approximately 350 members from printing service, data centre, faculty club, Student Housing Services, Dining Services and Facilities management endorsed, back in September and October, an agreement in principle regarding the renewal of the collective agreement.

The signing therefore concludes the negotiation between the members of SEU local 800 and McGill University that began nearly 5 years ago.

Among the gains obtained, we note the addition of December 24th (Christmas Eve) as a paid holiday, an increase in the amount of reimbursement for safety shoes and maintaining of the tow clause regarding the government salary policy.

The collective agreement is effective starting from its signature date, November 8th, and remains in effect for a 5 years term.

We furthermore wish to thank all the members involved in the negotiation of these collective agreements. Without their sustained effort to defend the working conditions of their colleagues, it would not have been possible to arrive at such results in such a short period of time.