Negotiation of the collective agreement of building maintenance Division -Montréal

11 November 2016

Effective October 30, 2017, the master agreement for building maintenance division – Montréal, will expire. To this end, steps have been taken towards the next round of negotiations since 5 November at a divisional meeting held at the headquarters of the UES 800. The following persons were elected to Part of the negotiating committee:

Anthony Camara  (Division President)

Michel Gascon     (GDI – Empire)

Mario Pino          (GDI – Distinction)

Lucie Thériault     (For Net Inc.)

Lise Carrière        (Services ménager Roy )

Jorge Camones    (Signature Service)

Eric Séguin         (Coforce Inc.)

It should be noted that representatives François Rollet and Philippe Dufort will also be members of this committee.

The consultation process will begin in December with a survey to be sent to all members covered by the master agreement in order to know what amendments they wish to see to the convention. Thereafter, the ”union book demands”  will be prepare.

We will keep you informed of the next steps. To be continued!