Press release
Important information concerning negotiations for members of Local 800 in the Education Sector

20 November 2015

On November 18, 2015 the Common Front unions made a counter proposal to the Government of Quebec in hopes of arriving at a satisfactory settlement for the 400,000 members.

In hopes of stopping the impoverishment of the public sector employees, the Common Front made this proposal:

  • A minimal increase of 1% to counter the impoverishment of public sector employees;
  • As well, 1% catch-up per year until the delay of our global compensation is eliminated;
  • Finally, 0.5% per year to benefit from the collective enrichment if the GDP is higher than 1% (Currently, according to data confirmed by Statistics Canada, there would be  an inflation rate of 1.4% and a GDP growth of 1.5% thus the salary increase for 2015 would be 2.9%);
  • We are also asking for a three year collective agreement;
  • Also discussions will continue on salary relativity and the pension plan.

Postponing of Strike Days

To allow for negotiations to continue, the strike days planned for December 1, 2 and 3, 2015 have been postponed. These days have not been cancelled, simply postponed, to provide all sides the opportunity to hopefully move forward with negotiations to come to an acceptable agreement.

Your Negotiation Team : Cyntia Gagnier, Paul Saletnig and Brent Cook