Update in the negotiation of the public sector : school boards

20 October 2015

Since October 2014, the union demands were sent to the employer, the Ministry of Education, who gave us their own demands in December 2014. Despite the good will of the union to negotiate and bi-weekly meetings with the employer this summer, there has been no real progress because it seems that the employer’s spokesperson at the bargaining table clearly did not have a mandate. Despite this, we continue having meetings 2 to 3 times a week.

The employer’s demands are major in terms of setback, as workers will be losing several benefits, such as changes to the pension plan (RREGOP), wage freeze for the first years, changes of the employment status, etc.

Faced with the employer’s unacceptable demands, the members of the SEU 800 expressed their anger at general meetings, which was reflected in the voting results. Each group (with the exception of Central Quebec) voted over 80% for a strike mandate, some even voted in favor at 99%.

Strike notices are sent to the Ministry of Education, and the days are set on October 28 for the Riverside and New Frontier school boards and on October 29 for the English-Montreal and Lester B. Pearson school boards. The executive are organizing these strike days and will inform workers of the meeting place for picketing.

Negotiation meetings are scheduled with the employer before the strike days. More strike days have been determined if there is no progress at the bargaining table.