SEU 800’s general council implements a reorganization of union divisions

25 June 2014

Following a meeting on June 20th, SEU 800’s general council adopted the report proposed by a labour committee tasked with the composition of union divisions. The base units will thus be assigned to their most representative division. Criteria for the classification included the type of work of the unit and the history of the union.
As of now, the industry division will encompass all production units. Distribution centers will be directed towards the services, commerce, financial institutions and transportation division. The school boards and universities division will become the support and education division, while the UTIS division will become the clothing, textile and hotel trade division. Finally, the building maintenance division remains but transfers its hotel trade division.

The general council foresees the application of these new divisions for SEU 800’s next convention in September 2015. However, some general council members took advantage of vacancies in order to integrate their new division.