Bargaining with McGill University resumes

17 September 2013

After a pause in negotiations during the summer, the parties resumed negotiations on September 11 with both sides’ full committees present at the table.  The university submitted the text of a new definition for the possible duration of assignments on special projects. After clarification of some elements, the union suggested changes that were included in the text which was ratified by the parties.

The parties also discussed contract specifications relating to the scheduling of two consecutive days of rest along with days on which holidays are taken for employees working on special shifts.  A tentative agreement was reached and the university will prepare a text for the union to review at the next meeting, set for September 18.

Finally, the parties exchanged their list of items to be discussed at upcoming meetings and agreed on an agenda of discussions.  A series of dates have been set aside with the last meeting of the year set for December 11.