Start of negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreements of 3 of 7 SEU base units at McGill University

6 December 2012

With the training sessions on interest-based bargaining now completed, the parties held their first bargaining session on November 22.  During this meeting, they discussed the relevance of issuing a joint message based on factual information on the progress in negotiations.  The parties agreed to use this communications approach to provide negotiation updates to the McGill community, outlining progress and setbacks.  Each party maintains the right to engage in other types of communications, as required, with their various constituents.

The parties submitted their full list of proposals, grouped by theme and by order of discussion for those subjects included in interest-based bargaining.

The parties met for a second time on November 30 and confirmed dates for meetings in 2012 and 2013, based on meetings two or three times a month, for a total of 16 meetings.  During this meeting, the parties had discussions and reached some agreement on articles in the three collective agreements dealing with discipline.  Talks will continue at the next meeting, set for December 7.

*The 3 bargaining units in question are:  Computing centre, Printing services and Facilities management/residences/Faculty Club.