23 October 2016

The SEU 800 recognizes the importance of academics as a means of personal and economic empowerment. While instruction is recognized as a right, many people are deprived of it due to a lack of funds. As everyone knows, free education is expensive. To facilitate access to postsecondary education and to encourage the pursuit of excellence, the SEU 800 annually awards six scholarships of $1,000 each.


To qualify for these scholarships, candidates must be pursuing full-time professional (1800h DEP), college or university studies. Moreover, they or one of their parents must be members of the SEU 800 at the application deadline and have paid union dues for at least two years prior to January 1st of the award year.


The academic record and extracurricular, social and community achievements are considered in the evaluation of applications received. A scholarship is awarded in each of the five (5) divisions of the Union and one is attributed by overall merit without regard to divisions.The applications are reviewed by a university professor, independent of the SEU 800.

Procedure for submitting an application to the SEU 800 Scholarship

The interested applicant must complete an application form that they can find on this site or by contacting the union headquarters in Montreal (514 385-1717 or 1 800 361-2486). The form must be returned by fax to 514-385-9888 or by email at to the attention of Madame Chantal Campeau, Executive Secretary of the SEU 800 at the latest the last day of February.

The union will then make an initial selection based on the eligibility criteria and then send a registration form to those candidates who meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

Scholarship award period: May or June of each year.