Labour Relations

23 October 2016

Unions are concerned with everything related to labor relations in the company– and the labour relationship is much more than just the collective agreement or the law. How to act in a dispute between an employee and his immediate superior, when an administrative decision by the employer goes against the interests of the workers, when faced with a conflict between employees, when facing an employer’s proposal while the business is failing or, conversely, is overproductive and there is not enough demand, when a situation not covered by the collective agreement comes up, when an employer proposes things that could pit the employees against each other, etc.

As an employee and especially as a member of your union, you are directly involved and perhaps even concerned by the situation. How to see clearly? Be objective? See all the possible outcomes and consequences? How do you take the best position?

SEU 800 advisors have seen it all and they have the experience to help your unit’s union executive to properly analyze these difficult situations, make the best decisions and make the best recommendations to their members.