Interpretation of the collective agreement

23 October 2016

Your collective agreement is signed and everything seems clear. Yet problems often arise not long after this. The employer has brilliant new ideas on management and the application of the collective agreement. What does the employer have the right to do? How should the collective agreement be applied in a neverbefore-seen situation? Does the employer the right to take certain unexpected and unpredictable decisions? Does the employer have the right to change the way he always did things? What do individual sentences or sections of the collective agreement really mean? Are certain sections of the collective agreement linked? Which ones and how? Are there any laws that add nuance to or supplement those of the collective agreement? What are the rules of interpretation that an arbitrator would eventually retain?

The members of your union executive often have enough experience to find the answers. But it’s sometimes more complicated and often a never-before-seen situation. Our representatives have the knowledge it takes to help the members of the executive to make the right decision and take the right actions.