Group Insurance

23 October 2016

Many of our Miscellaneous division members and all of our School Board and Universities division members benefit from group insurance negotiated with their employer; the latter being in charge of administering it. So how can we allow our members in the Building Maintenance division, most of whom are covered by one or another of this sector’s decrees, to benefit from this insurance? The only solution was for the SEU 800 to become owner and administrator of a group insurance scheme to which all members of this division would have access, regardless of their employer. This is what was done many years ago.

The goal of the scheme is to ensure that members of the SEU 800 have protection against losses and major inconveniences that they or members of their immediate family may be victims and that might result from health problems.

It includes the following benefits:

  • Life insurance (individual or family)
  • Accident insurance (AD&D)
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Travel insurance

Over the years the scheme has been amended to adapt to changes in labor laws, increased costs of health care and the changing needs of our members in terms of protection. The plan will continue to evolve and, as in the past, any change will be subject to the approval of our members covered by the plan.

See the other pages of our website for detailed information on this group insurance plan and on how the SEU 800 determines the guidelines with the help of an insurance committee.

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