Work Committees

Women in Action Committee

The Women in Action committee study the various problems and preoccupations that women experience within their family and social milieu; as well as within their workplace. They elaborate on subjects of preoccupation such as the conciliation of work-family-leisure, harassment, violence, economic independence, etc. The members of the committee exchange amongst themselves gather up and distribute information, are there to listen to their surroundings, organize meetings with the members, etc. They may also have the mandate of representing the SEU 800 at activities that touch the preoccupations of women.


  • Chantal Bélanger, President of Women un action committee, Empire Clothing
  • Augustine Caouette, Groupe Compass
  • Catherine Lavoie, Les Filles de Jesus (Kermaria)
  • Janice Clapson, English Montreal school board
  • Lise Carrière, Les Services ménagers Roy ltée
  • Lucie Thériault, For-Net inc.

Contact person

Suzy Beaudry
Union representative
514 385-1717 ext 270

Political responsible:

Cristina Cabral, Vice-president executive
514 385-1717 ext. 280

Collective Insurance of the Building Maintenance Committee

The collective insurance committee for the building maintenance represents the policyholders in front of the SEU 800 administration and is comprised mainly of the members of the Union insured by the plan. They have the mandate of receiving the information and to provide their opinion on the general administration of the plan, as well as to inform the members insured by this plan. Furthermore, each year, they analyze the progress of the plan and the proposed renewal conditions, and formulate recommendations to the policyholders and the administration of the Union.

  • Anthony Camara, Industries de Maintenance Empire S.E.C.
  • Denis Péloquin, Derko ltée
  • Éric Séguin, Coforce Inc.
  • Jean-Philippe Duclos, Service d’entretien Empro inc.
  • Jorge Camones, Service d’entretien Signature
  • Lise Carrière, Les Services ménagers Roy ltée
  • Lucie Thériault, For-Net inc.
  • Mario Pino, GDI Services Inc.
  • Juana Emilia Cea, GDI SERVICES (QUÉBEC) S.E.C.
  • Roger Brissette, Consultant Groupe ASO

Political responsible:

Claude St-Marseille, Vice-président à l’administration
514 385-1717 poste 280


The Education Committee has a mandate of ensure that the education activities allow the objectives of Union education to be obtained. Its members give opinions on the priorities of course to be given, the program content, the calendar session of education; and they are consulted on the choice of educators.

  • Catherine Lavoie, Les Filles de Jesus (Kermaria)
  • Chantal Bélanger, Empire Clothing
  • Isabelle Morneau, Claude et Marcelle Martin Inc.
  • Janice Clapson, , English Montréal school board
  • Pierre Michel, Président du comité, Club de Golf Royal Québec
  • Johanne Bréard, Fond immobilier de solidarité FTQ
  • Raymond Côté, Autocars Orléans express Inc.
  • Pierre Forgues, IPL Inc.
  • Paul Saletnig, Commission scolaire English Montréal

Cyntia Gagnier, coordinator
514-385-1717 ext 225

Political responsible:

Raymond Larcher, président
514-385-1717 ext : 241

Francisation (French-speaking) Committee

The “Francisation” committee has the mandate to recommend to the Union administration and organize activities that allow the members of the SEU 800 belonging to various ethnic communities to better integrate in the Quebec community in general and in particular the union community. These activities are of diverse nature, such as French courses, the twinning program within companies, and the participation at various symposiums, etc.

Contact person:

Raymond Larcher, Président UES 800
514-385-1717 ext : 241

Social Delegate

The social delegated committee’s primary task is to make known the social program delegates and maintain a network on which it can rely in our workplace; it helps improve our quality of life and work.

  • Chantal Bélanger, Empire Clothing
  • Dany Harvey, Les services ménagers Roy Ltée
  • Lise Carriere, Les Services ménagers Roy ltée
  • Robert Paradis, Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Cyntia Gagnier, coordinator
514-385-1717 ext 225

Political responsible:

Raymond Larcher, president
514-385-1717 ext 241